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Why Fall and Winter are the Best Times to Build a Pool

Are you considering building a pool, in ground spa or improving the landscaping of your Austin, Texas property, but are unsure of when the project should be started? A swimming pool in Austin, Texas is a hot commodity during the summer, when residents flock to the crystal clear waters of their personal swimming pools to escape the heat and enjoy some fun in the sun. For this reason, you want your project completed before the best time to use it arrives. Fall and winter are arguably the best times of the year to build a swimming pool, custom in ground spa or complete any outdoor work on a property. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

        Save Money with Seasonal Sales

        The winter offers seasonal sales that will not be available during the summer months. This is due to a variety of different factors which include easier work days and the lower prices of materials. The prices of multiple products, shipping, handling and transportation all fall during the winter months. The summer heat can make the hard, manual labor that goes into completing a swimming pool grueling, driving up the price of completion. The fall and winter provides the perfect temperatures for working to get the job done, dropping the price momentarily. You can use the money that you save to add a custom outdoor kitchen, fire pit or other accessories for your backyard.    

        Complete Your Project by Summer

        It can take a while to build a swimming pool and complete your landscaping, especially if you are wanting to complete a big project. Since you will want to use your swimming pool this summer, when the heat is extreme, starting the work in the fall or winter will ensure that it is complete and ready to use. Texas Pools and Patios is unique in that they have the advantage of being Austin Fast Track Builders. This means that this company is capable of getting your project done even quicker, thanks to the ability to push through permits sooner than a company that does not have this advantage. There will not be a long wait to start your project with Texas Pools and Patios. In fact, your pool could be completed by the time spring arrives.

        Watch the Flowers Bloom

        Your outdoor project will be completed with prestigious landscaping that features beautiful outdoor plants and foliage. Beginning your project during the winter months will give you the perfect opportunity to plan where these plants should be made to grow. Some are seasonal and should be planted when the springtime comes around, but waiting to build your pool could mean going without flowers for many more months.

        Build a Custom Swimming Pool

        Now is the time to build your custom swimming pool and take advantage of all of the benefits that fall and winter have to offer. If you would like more information, visit our construction page or contact a representative with Texas Pools and Patios today.

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