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When Should I Open My Pool? Austin Pool Maintenance Tips

With spring on its way in, thoughts of summer swims are already filling your head. Many people ask the professionals, ‘when should I open my pool?’ and the answer is always the same: early. The sooner you open your pool, the better chance you have of avoiding algae and other problems. In fact, opening a pool in spring is the ideal time.  

Opening a Pool in Spring

As soon as the average daytime temperature holds steady at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your Austin swimming pool is ready to open. This is generally during the month of April unless it is an above average year. It may seem contradictory to pull the cover off early, however, it actually saves you money in the long run. The open water also offers an aesthetic appeal in spring that you can’t get with the cover on.

Avoid the Algae

One of the main problems with keeping the pool cover on too long is algae. Mesh covers allow sunlight to get in your pool, creating warmer temperatures. This increases the algae population because they also thrive on the heat. Opening your pool helps minimize the growth of algae when the water is not being used. Not only that, but there will be less cleaning and maintenance to worry about as well. If you wait too long, you may end up needing to clean your pumps and filters and shock the pool to kill algae.  

Run Your Pool

Prior to enjoying the water, you need to let your Austin swimming pool run. While your water is sitting there, debris and pollen is infesting it. After April, pollens increase and to maintain clean water you want the pool running. This allows your skimmer and filter to get rid of pollens and other debris hanging out in the pool. It keeps your pool water crystal clear rather than letting it turn odd, murky colors that will be more expensive to deal with later. Instead of asking, ‘when should I open my pool,’ follow your instinct. Though temperatures may fluctuate, your water will be fine once the days get warmer. You save money and have a pool to use on weird weather fluctuation days. You have a place to send your kids when you need a little break. Even the neighbors who thought you were a little odd for opening a pool in spring might just be asking to take a dip.

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