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Ways to Update Your Austin Outdoor Living Space for Fall

The sun may be setting earlier these days as summer comes to a close, but that doesn’t mean that you need to close up your backyard living space too. Fall welcomes brand new outdoor design ideas that can help you create a warm and welcoming spot as the days cool off, starting with outdoor bar plans.

Outdoor Bar Plans

The best time to start thinking about outdoor bar plans is in the fall. This isn’t so much so that you can use the outdoor bar during the cooler months (though certainly feel free!), but getting a start on these outdoor bar plans way before summer hits is a great way to make sure that it’s all set up and ready to go when the temperatures begin to rise again next year. To help you get started, here are some considerations you should make:

  • Will the bar be portable or permanently in place?
  • Will your outdoor bar plans include roofing (or is that already in place)?
  • Will your bar require a water and/or gas supply?
  • Will you require additional electrical outlets?
  • What sort of lighting do you prefer?


Fire Features

Luxury outdoor ideas for around the pool and patio almost always include fire. Fire is striking, exciting, and incredibly dramatic, making it a home run should you include any one of the following fire features to your outdoor design ideas:

  • Fire Bowls: If you have a pool, look for bowls that also include water features for a sensational visual display
  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Outdoor fireplaces aren’t only warm, but they are so inviting that your friends and family won’t have any choice but to come outdoors and enjoy your patio
  • Fire Pits: This fire feature is a more economical alternative to a traditional outdoor fireplace and comes in a variety of different styles and formats

If you aren’t thinking about outdoor bar plans or looking to make any drastic changes to your outdoor living space, then use your creative energy to come up with some accessories to dress up the deck. Autumn wreaths, candle-lit lanterns, and comfortable, overstuffed outdoor furniture with throw pillows and blankets are a sure-fire way to create a festive and cozy backyard.

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