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Top Pool Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

Swimming pool design has come a long way in the past 200 years or so. Gone are the days of a plain rectangular box with a plastic ladder and a diving board on the “deep” end. Swimming pool trends for 2016 are sophisticated and natural, and combine with outdoor living spaces to create a backyard that may make the house seem unnecessary.

Edgy Pools

Relax, we are not talking about a punk rock pool or anything quite as unusual as that! Infinity edge pools are built with one lower edge that allows the water to overflow into a catch basin. This gives an uninterrupted view that can be simply breathtaking. Brand new for 2016 is a pool designed with the entire perimeter as an infinity edge. These pools combine the beauty of an infinity edge with the acoustic enjoyment of a waterfall. They also guarantee that your pool surface will always be perfectly clean. Any leaves or debris will flow over the edge and be trapped in the overflow channel.

Natural Pools

Typically speaking, a green pool is a cause for concern, but in the case of a natural pool, it is nothing to be concerned with at all. Natural pools are a beautiful way to avoid the chemicals commonly used to keep pool water clean and sanitary.  A natural pool uses plants and natural rocks in a small side pond to naturally clean and oxygenate water that is circulated back into the pool. These types of pools lend themselves wonderfully to a beach style entrance, waterfall features and natural looking slides and diving platforms. This type of pool is still rare in the United States, but they are gaining in popularity among those that seek to avoid chemical filtration and want a more environmentally friendly pool. They have been in use in Europe for several years and have gained a wide popularity there. Working with a designer will allow you to develop a pool that looks and functions like a beautiful natural oasis.

The Total Package

Pool design in 2016 will not just focus on the pool but on the entire outdoor living space. While your pool and spa are no doubt the central aspect of your outdoor living space, they are not the whole story. Your designer can tie together your new pool, spa, deck and pergola to create the ultimate outdoor experience. Outdoor entertaining spaces for 2016 will focus on being the total package. These spaces will include refrigerators, beverage stations, ice makers, comfortable and sophisticated furniture, entertainment systems and even heating options such as outdoor fireplaces or fire pits.

Dream Big in 2016

Whether you dream of a space perfect for entertaining the whole neighborhood or an intimate space for two, Texas Pools and Patios expert designers will help you create an amazing space. There are pool design trends that cater to a sophisticated, sleek, modern look and trends that favor a more natural, environmentally conscious appeal. The choice is yours: dream big!


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