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Top Misconceptions about Pool Ownership

If you are on the fence about buying a pool, you may be asking your friends and family for advice about owning one. Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions about owning a swimming pool, some of which are often used as reasons as to why you shouldn’t bother to own one or have one installed at your home. However, these are often misinformed reasons. Let’s set the record straight with the truth about pool ownership.

Most pools are self-sufficient.

Do you have an extra hour a week to dedicate to your pool? That is about all you are going to need to keep your pool well maintained and ready for the swimmers when they show up. Contrary to what you might hear, most pools are pretty self-sufficient. Keeping the junk out, putting in chemicals to ensure that the water is correctly balanced and checking items like the heater and pumps should not take much time at all as long as you keep up with it. The amount of time that it takes to keep a pool ready versus the time that you can use it is very small.

Pools cost less to operate than RVs or boats.

Between the water, energy costs to heat and run pumps and chemicals, it may seem that you can’t afford to own a pool due to the operational costs. While it is difficult to say what the total cost to operate might be, each pool is different, and the cost is pretty low when compared to the availability of the pool. Pools are much less expensive to operate than RVs or boats and yet seem to have earned a reputation of being very costly to operate.

Proper maintenance and upkeep ensure make sure your pool stays enjoyable for a long time without the need of repair.

A quality, well maintained pool, installed by a reputable dealer like Texas Pools and Patios, should need very little if any repair. Of course, things do break. That is just the nature of a system that depends on mechanical systems like pumps. With the proper maintenance, care and upkeep, you will enjoy your pool for a long time without needing any repairs at all, especially if you invest in quality Hayward Pool equipment!

As long as there are guidelines to ensure pool safety, pools are a very safe and enjoyable way to spend time with your friends and family.

There is always someone that has a story about a friend of a cousin who had someone get injured in their pool. Pools are a very safe and enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family, as long as there are some guidelines to ensure that everyone that is at the pool stays safe. When making sure that there are adults around to watch small children and that dangerous horseplay is not tolerated, your pool can be more safe than other types of recreational vehicles, even boats!

Have Your San Antonio Pool Installed by the Experts

Texas Pools and Patios have two generations of experience in installing pools. We can make sure that your pool is installed professionally and is ready for you to use in no time at all. Contact us today!


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