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Tips on How to Keep your Pool Pump Running Properly through the Winter Months

Last winter was cold one and while you might love when a good freeze blows into the hill country you need to be aware of how to properly take care of your pool. While your pool surface may not freeze over, when it comes to pool pumps and other equipment, freezing is definitely a possibility and can leave you with expensive repairs or replacements. Part of proper swimming pool maintenance in the winter months includes preventing freeze damage, which can be done with these 3 tips:


Tip 1: Keep Pool Pumps Running During a Freeze

Whenever the weather report even mentions that there might be a frost, it’s important for pool owners to run that pool pump at least through the night to prevent freezing. Frozen pipes occur when the water stops moving, so as long as the pool water is surging through all of the pipes, pool pumps and other equipment there shouldn’t be any damage done.


One way to be sure that you’ll always be alerted of cool water coming is to set up “alerts” on your mobile device that will advise you of when the temperature is going to drop to near freezing temperatures. Alternatively, you can add an alert system to your pool which prompts pool owners to turn on the pump when the temperature dips to a certain temperature range.


Tip 2: Keep Pump Debris Free

Regular swimming pool maintenance doesn’t end when the temperatures drop! Pool owners should still regularly check the pump to ensure that there isn’t any debris trapped in it which may hinder its ability to keep your pool clean and the water moving.


Tip 3: Maintain Your Water Level

In order for pool pumps to continue to function, a certain water level needs to be maintained. Having a water level too low can cause your pool pump to draw in air which will increase the chances of your equipment becoming damaged. The most the water should ever fall is 18 inches below the tile line, though it’s always best to ask a pool professional about your particular situation.

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