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The Importance of Swimming Pools to Neuropathic Patients

We all know the benefits of exercise particularly swimming to our body. However, the wonders exercise and swimming can do for neuropathic patients is totally exceptional.

What is Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition brought about by nerve damage. This condition causes pain and numbness in your extremities particularly hands and feet. Pain experienced by neuropathic patients could range from mild to severe. Excruciating pain can be relieved by medicines, but experts say that the most effective pain relief is through exercise. Exercise helps improve blood circulation which strengthens the nerves through the increase in oxygen flow.

How Can Swimming Pools Help Neuropathic Patients

Swimming is the best exercise for neuropathic patients. It has less impact, especially on the soles of the feet. Swimming involves many muscle groups without having to exert too much effort and strain the joints and nerves. Because it involves the whole body, swimming is considered a good cardiovascular exercise as well. It also provides proper toning to muscles and provide good conditioning to nerve tissues.

Another benefit of swimming to neuropathic patients is the natural temperature maintained in the pool. Cold temperatures are considered a cause of nerve damage, especially with prolonged exposure. Cold temperatures can also trigger pain. Hence, experts advise neuropathic patients to swim to neutral temperatures when taking a bath. The temperature maintained in swimming pools can be perfect for neuropathic patients.

However, before you engage in any type of exercise even if it is as light as swimming, try to remember these tips:

1. Always consult your doctor

Since most of neuropathic patients are diabetic, it is important that their respective doctors know they are engaged in an exercise program. Your doctor can tell you the kind of moderation appropriate for your age, condition, and fitness level.

2. Maintain good temperature in the water

Seek help on how you can maintain good temperature in the water. As mentioned, cold water can aggravate the pain.

3. Try for more deep water aerobics

The goal is to have less impact for your feet while touching the bottom of the pool. Water provides cushion while doing exercise but experts suggest it is best to lessen the impact to avoid swelling or soreness.

So for those who are trying to relieve pain via swimming, build your own pool in your backyard. For information on building swimming pools, please contact Texas Pools and Patios – Austin, San Antonio, Central Texas, and Georgetown locations.

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