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How to Solve the 3 Biggest Austin Pool Water Problems

Throughout the years, your pool water changes. These changes are caused by various elements that, when contaminated with water can cause serious health problems. That’s why it is critical to maintain the right chemistry to solve these issues.

Among the many pool water problems, three had been identified as the biggest contributing factors in contamination. It is critical that you know how to troubleshoot or solve these problems so you can start using your Austin pool.

1. Cloudy Pool Water

There are two factors why water changes and becomes cloudy: water chemistry and issues on filtration system. Addressing these issues will eventually lower your cost in maintenance. The process is simple.

For imbalance, you may need to decrease the water’s pH level by using dry acid.

2. Algae

Presence of algae in water show poor pool maintenance, low sanitizer, and improper water balance. To solve this problem, you need to use shock treatment with unstabilized chlorine and kill algae for good.

3. Red Eyes and Skin Irritation

Most people think that red eyes and skin irritation are caused by chlorine. These health problems are actually caused by chloramines. These chloramines are contaminants that when it comes in contact with water, problems take place.

To solve this problem, you can either use sodium bicarbonate alkalinity increaser and/or adjust the pH level of your pool water.

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