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How to Safely Store Pool Chemicals

Nothing beats a dip in the pool. Unless of course the pool has some strange green or brown color to the water. That is why we take so much care to treat the water in the pool with chemicals. The San Antonio weather can be particularly challenging, which means that you need to have the right chemicals on hand to handle what your pool water might throw at you. What do you do with those chemicals between applications? Here are some tips for storing your chemicals safely.

Proper Storage of Pool Chemicals

Why is it important to store your chemicals properly? The first would be to prevent injury. Pools require strong chemicals that can burn people if they are not handled properly. Pool chemicals are meant to be mixed into very large quantities of water. Improper storage can lead to mixing with small amounts of water which can be very dangerous, causing fires or poisoning in extreme cases.

Avoid Spills

You should always take great care that you don’t spill the chemicals when you are applying them. If you do spill some on a container, make sure to clean up the spill before you put the chemical away for storage. This can be a very easy way for improper chemicals to mix, or for them to mix in the wrong quantities. Always remember to immediately clean up spills on a pool deck or walkway.

The Storage Environment

Wherever you choose to store your chemicals, follow these general guidelines about the environment that you are storing them in. The area should be cool and dry. It should also have plenty of ventilation to keep vapors from building up in the area they are being stored. The area that they are stored in should be secured from children and pets.

How to Store Chemical Containers

The containers themselves should be stored off of the floor. This will prevent them from leaking into the soil and mixing, as well as being exposed to any spills or water your storage area. Always make sure that when you put your chemical containers away that they are tightly closed. This will prevent accidental spills and also accidental mixing. Make sure not to stack your pool chemicals on top of each other. If one of the containers does happen to leak, you don’t want it spilling onto another chemical container. Remember, accidental mixing of chemicals can lead to toxic vapors and fires. Finally, always remember to add the chemicals to the water by pouring the chemicals in. If you do manage to get your chemical scoop wet, do not put it back into the container until it is completely dry.

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