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Pool Waterfall Ideas for Better Backyard Ambiance

To create the ultimate, luxury outdoor space, adding a custom pool waterfall is the way to go. No matter what your style is, waterfalls can add that extra wow-factor you are looking for. Here are a few suggestions for pool waterfall ideas that can enhance anyone’s backyard ambiance, but you can use your imagination to create your own, too.

Natural Pool Waterfalls

If you have a beautiful landscape, a natural pool can be seamlessly incorporated into your yard, which will only maximize the beauty of your space. These pools usually are made with natural materials, such as stone, and don’t look manmade. Some choose to grow gardens around the edges of natural pools so that they will further blend in with your yard. Adding a waterfall to this type of pool will create unbelievable backyard ambiance.

You can have these waterfalls emerge from stacked stones and pour directly into your pool. And aside from adding to the aesthetics of your pool, it creates a fun place to splash around as well. For something less intense, you can gradually cascade these waterfalls down a series of layered rocks. You will still have that “babbling brook” sound, but it won’t be an overwhelming centerpiece to your natural pool.

Modern Pool Waterfalls

Usually in square or rectangular designs, modern swimming pools are a popular choice among homeowners. Oftentimes, you will see these pools paired with an equally squared hot tub or spa. By playing with the layers of your space, you could put the hot tub at a higher elevation of the pool, and allow for a spillover waterfall. For those without a hot tub, don’t fret, there are plenty of other pool waterfall ideas for modern yards.

For instance, you can incorporate a waterfall by letting the water flow out of a separate structure. These structures can be made out of almost anything, like steel or stone. To continue the symmetry of squared-lines, you can have a square metal structure built for the waterfall to flow from. Some have even utilized bowl-shaped, stone structures for the waterfall to pour from. This is a good option for those who want to play with shapes and materials in their space, amplifying their backyard ambiance.

Gardens and Waterfalls

Much like the natural pools, waterfalls can be added to your garden to enhance the natural beauty of your backyard. You can even build a creek-like waterfall in your yard that weaves and winds its way through your gardens. Smaller waterfalls can lead to ponds or similar structures. However, if you want to transform your entire yard into a tropical paradise, you could have your garden waterfall lead all the way to your pool, where everything would open-up into a watery oasis.

The perfect addition to any of these pool waterfall ideas would be a custom deck or patio. You could even have a patio designed which would allow for you to sit in the center of your oasis and bask in the ambiance of your backyard. For more Texas Pool and Patios ideas, please visit our website and browse through our waterfall photo gallery.

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