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How to Strike the Perfect Chlorine Balance in Your Pool

Here we are, back at pool school and at no better time than on Summer’s doorstep. Around now is the time that pool owners dust off their pool covers and get the pool all geared up for fun and entertainment, though they often then sadly discover that their once pristine pool has become a cloudy pool, or one that’s sporting a sickly shade of green. Why is this happening? It all has to do with chlorine in pools and your pool chemistry.

Test Your Pool Chemistry

If you notice your pool waters looking anything less than stellar, it’s time to get out the testing kit and make sure that everything is in balance. Chlorine levels should be anywhere between 1 to 3ppm (note that the pH should also be anywhere between 7.2 and 7.6)

Different Types of Chlorine

Our first lesson here in pool school is to learn which type of chlorine you should be using to properly support your pool chemistry. You’ll find:

  • 3-inch tablets (contains Trichlor, least expensive, slow dissolving and appropriate for inground pools)
  • 1-inch tablets (contains Trichlor, dissolves more quickly than 3-inch tablets or sticks, and are best suited for spas, smaller inground pools, and above-ground swimming pool)
  • sticks

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