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Pool Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

Summer pool season is almost upon us, and in Texas, that means barbecues and pool parties. It’s important, however, to make sure that your pool is ready for the large amount of use it’s going to get during the summer months, and spring is the perfect time to get your pool in top shape. With a little know-how and some elbow grease, you can make sure that you don’t have to take a break from using your pool when the temperature rises. Keep reading for great pool maintenance tips to get your San Antonio pool ready for the summer.

Regularly Skim & Scrub Your San Antonio Pool

The only thing that will kill a San Antonio pool party faster than running out of food is debris inside your pool. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to prioritize skimming and scrubbing in your pool maintenance schedule. Most people skim their pools to get rid of items like dead leaves and twigs, but not as many people regularly scrub their pool, and they really should. Regular scrubbing makes sure that your pool never suffers any unsightly and inconvenient algae build up. Keeping algae out of your pool is something that your guests will appreciate, and it will save you from embarrassment.

Keep Your Filter Clear

Although many people realize that their filter is the most important component in keeping their pool clean, it bears repeating. Your filter does the work of constantly keeping your pool’s water circulating in order to remove debris from your pool and save you time on skimming. Sometimes, however, your filter needs a helping hand. You need to make sure to regularly clean your filter to keep it running its best so that it can keep your pool clear of the kind of litter that can put a halt to your day-lounging in the water.

Maintain Your Chemicals

Maintaining a proper chemical balance is one of the keys to keeping your pool in its best condition throughout the season. A lot of pool owners can be intimidated at the prospect of balancing pool chemicals, but it’s really quite easy. First, you need to measure your pool’s chemicals and look at the readings. Your pH should hover between 7.2 and 7.4. Alkalinity, which helps balance pH, needs to be anywhere from 80 to 120. Finally, your calcium hardness should be between 220 and 350 parts per million, possibly lower depending on your pool siding. Your goal is for your pool’s water to be as clear as a desert oasis. If it’s cloudy, then your balance is off and needs some attention.

The Water Level

We’ve already talked about your pool’s chemical level, but we didn’t mention that this is closely related to the water level in your San Antonio pool. If your water level dips too low or rises too high, it can completely throw off the chemical balance of your pool. Make sure to keep your pool’s water at consistent levels, ideally right at the center of your skimmer opening, and raise or lower it as necessary. Also, it’s important that you re-check the chemical balances of your pool in the event of any drastic water level change and make adjustments if they have been thrown off.

Tips for After Summer Pool Parties

Now that you’ve gotten your pool ready for the summer, you need a couple of tips to whip it back into shape after you’ve thrown a big pool party. We don’t normally associate tennis balls with pools—unless you have a dog—but they can be invaluable in keeping your pool clean. Our skin tends to be very oily, whether we like it or not; and when we get out of the pool, we leave a lot of those oils behind. Because of its surface, a tennis ball is particularly adept at absorbing oils and substances that can come off our skin, keeping your pool clear from floating oil slicks. As great as tennis balls are, they don’t catch everything, and your pool water might be a little murky after heavy use, like with a pool party. In these circumstances, you need to bring your pool back to life. Just like a heavy dose of Vitamin C can help us fight off a cold, an extra-large shot of chlorine can shock your pool back into life. All you have to do is dilute three times the normal amount of chlorine with water, gradually add it to your pool’s return line and let it filter. Pretty soon, your pool will be back to normal.

Regular Maintenance from Professionals

The final, and probably best, way to get your pool ready for summer is by scheduling regular maintenance. A good pool professional can keep your pool at its best all season long. Residents of San Antonio should turn to Texas Pools and Patios for all their pool maintenance needs. We are proud to offer the best pool maintenance and pool building services to our customers, year in and year out. Contact us today!


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