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Pool Design Ideas for Small Backyards in Austin

When you have a small backyard you can feel restricted with what you can do in your outdoor living space. Having a pool in your backyard might even seem impossible. With these pool ideas you can find a great design for even the smallest of backyards.

Wood Decking

wood decking

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Maintaining a beautiful backyard can be somewhat of a task. If you install a pool in your backyard, surrounding the pool with wood decking can cut back on maintenance like mowing the lawn. It adds a crisp, clean feeling to your outdoor space.

Natural Surrounding


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Adding a natural pool landscaping design can allow you to transform your outdoor space into your very own oasis. Features such as boulders and waterfalls create a visually pleasing space that’s also fun for kids.

Spa Feel


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Who doesn’t want a personal spa? Adding a water feature can enhance your pool experience even if the size of your pool is significantly smaller. Add a waterfall and mosaic feature to escape into your very own spa day every day.

Free Form


image from Texas Pools and Patios Gallery

When it comes to working with a small space, you can be creative with the shape of your pool. If your yard wraps around your house, your pool could as well. Look into an L shaped pool or customize your pool form exactly the way you want it.

Narrow Lap Pool


image from Texas Pools and Patios Gallery

A good option for a small backyard pool is a narrow lap pool. The narrow pool will elongate your backyard and make your outdoor space seem bigger. You can put the pool right against a fence line to create more space to experiment with other aspects of your backyard.

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