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Pool Design Features to Bring Life to Your San Antonio Backyard

Water features add movement and audible delight to poolscapes, which is why San Antonio pool owners often incorporate them into their pool designs. From promoting relaxation and a sense of calm to adding thrills and excitement, there are a number of different pool water features to choose from so that you can create a space that caters to your needs and desires.

Features for Entertaining


Whether entertaining yourself or a group of friends, there are a number of pool water features that can be built into pool designs that will make your aquatic retreat even more inviting. Some of these water features include:

  • Hot tubs and spas- these are good for all year round. Enjoy at night when the weather cools off in the summer and when it gets too chilly in the winter, have your friends over and warm up!
  • Beach entry pool designs- Fun for the kids and lounging during the summer, the beach entry is also nice to cool your feet off on those random days of warmth throughout the Central Texas winter.
  • Swim up bar with in-pool stools- The perfect addition to any pool. What’s more fun than relaxing with a good drink in your hand?
  • Splash pads- Adding a splash pad to your backyard and pool is perfect for little ones and an easy way to cool off for those who don’t feel like taking a plunge in the pool.
TIP: Splash pads are a great place for youngsters to get in on some poolside fun. Once the kids or grand kids have grown up, the area can be converted into a fountain or a spa!

Features For Relaxation


The options for choosing relaxing pool water features are almost endless, though a top choice for pool owners is a negative edge or perimeter overflow pool. Giving waters a glassy, smooth appearance, the mirror-like appearance of these pool designs promotes a sense of calm and stillness that other pool water features don’t. Other features, such as rock water features and fountains, will bring some movement to the pool while offering resounding comfort.

Features for Excitement


Depending on the grade of the waterfall, pool designs can feature steep and exciting waterfalls that can be incorporated in a variety of exciting ways, such as having the edge of the waterfall spill over the entryway to a secret rocky grotto cave or over a rock waterslide. High arching deck jets add some thrills, while scuppers and sheer descents provide a sense of fun and adventure.

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