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Top Misconceptions about Pool Ownership

Top Misconceptions about Pool Ownership

If you are on the fence about buying a pool, you may be asking your friends and family for advice about owning one. Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions about owning a swimming pool, some of which are often used as reasons as to why you shouldn’t bother toRead the Rest…

How to Safely Store Pool Chemicals

How to Safely Store Pool Chemicals

Nothing beats a dip in the pool. Unless of course the pool has some strange green or brown color to the water. That is why we take so much care to treat the water in the pool with chemicals. The San Antonio weather can be particularly challenging, which means thatRead the Rest…

8 Surprising Benefits of In-Ground Spa Ownership

spa ownership

In-ground spas are great, everyone know that. The hot, soothing water and relaxing jets are great for chasing away stress and the aches of daily life, but regular in-ground spa use can do a lot more than just relax you after a hard day. Check out these surprising benefits ofRead the Rest…

Top Pool Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

Pool design trends 2016

Swimming pool design has come a long way in the past 200 years or so. Gone are the days of a plain rectangular box with a plastic ladder and a diving board on the “deep” end. Swimming pool trends for 2016 are sophisticated and natural, and combine with outdoor livingRead the Rest…

Choosing a Pool Builder Checklist

pool builders

Deciding to add an in ground pool to your home is a big step. Once that decision is made, you have to face the most important aspect of the pool building process: who will you get to build your new pool? A pool is a significant investment and will beRead the Rest…

Crush Those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions with a New Pool

New Year's fitness

New Year’s resolutions often involve losing weight, eating healthier, and/or getting fit. The question is, how are you going to make this year the year you are successful?

Custom Designs Every Pool Owner Must Have

Custom pool features in Austin

If you are like most property owners in Austin, Texas, you probably have big ideas for your backyard spaces. Since the heat has a tendency to beat down on residents during the summer, backing off slightly during the winter, homeowners in Austin are continuing to install beautiful pools that haveRead the Rest…

3 Tips for Landscaping on Austin’s Hilly Terrain

landscaping property

If you are wanting to remodel your backyard in the near future, the hilly terrain of your Austin, Texas property might have you stumped. Slopes and hills do pose many challenges for homeowners, but properly designing your outdoor areas can provide you with a beautiful backyard to enjoy for years.

Reasons In-Ground Spas Make the Best Holiday Gift

In-ground spas in Austin

You are determined to get your loved one the best holiday gift this year, as you are every year. There is a minor issue, however. All the years before were filled with the most amazing gift ideas—how could you outdo yourself yet again? Have you considered the gift of aRead the Rest…

Why Fall and Winter are the Best Times to Build a Pool

swimming pool

Are you considering building a pool, in ground spa or improving the landscaping of your Austin, Texas property, but are unsure of when the project should be started? A swimming pool in Austin, Texas is a hot commodity during the summer, when residents flock to the crystal clear waters ofRead the Rest…