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The Phases of Pool Construction

So you have decided to get an in-ground pool put in, but then you get the time table and notice it may take longer than you thought. Just what is going on during all of that time? After you sign your contract, there is a lot of work to be done, some of it before the excavation even begins. Here are some of the main phases of pool construction.

Permitting and Utility Location

Once you have signed your contract, your pool company will need to get the proper permits from your local government in order to start construction. Part of this is locating any utility lines that might be buried in or near the location that your pool is going to be placed. This is to ensure that there are no accidental breakages of power, gas or water lines during pool excavation.

The Excavation

Once all of the paperwork is in order, it is time to begin excavation. Prior to starting, a crew will come and layout the shape of your pool with stakes. This gives the excavation crew a guideline to follow. Also, during this phase of the process, the superintendent will meet you on-site to spray out the shape of the pool as well as review a checklist for the process in order to gain approval prior to the excavation. The crew will then show up with the heavy equipment that you need to dig the hole following the layout. Remember that this is now a construction site, and you need to be careful around it.

Steel and Plumbing

Now that there is a hole in the shape of your pool, it is time to start building the structure. First, steel rebar is put down. Rebar are strong metal rods that will add form and strength to your pool. During this time the main drains and any lighting niches that need to be placed will also be installed. Once this phase is complete, many local governments do inspections afterwards (as well as during various other phases of construction, depending on the town or city). An inspection takes place quickly and is usually completed within a day or two.

Laying the Gunite

Gunite is a special type of concrete that is used to create your pool. The shell that was created from the rebar will be used to shape the gunite and form the surface of your pool. Like concrete, this will take some time to dry once it has been put in place. The holes that were left from the excavation will also be filled in during this time, leaving the only empty hole in your yard the yet to be filled pool.

Finish and Startup

Any patio or decking work will usually be completed before the final finish is put on the pool. This would be the time any tile you wanted may be laid or a special finish that you chose. Once these have cured (a day or two at most), it is time to fill and get your start up chemicals in place.

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