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Kids and pools

Probably we have already experienced with our own babies and kids that they like so much to be in the water of a pool, swimming and playing games in the water has some sort of effect on their personality. It’s like if the element water could give them a sense of calmness and tranquility. Or, at least , this is the impression by the side of the adults.

Splashing and padding, playing a soft ball and doing the very first steps to learn how to swim is something that all children love. This is also a reason why the swimming pools are nowadays a form of therapy also for post operations and post traumas situations where one needs some time and some special form of exercises in order to be able to move again arms and legs.


Children in the water

Playing ball and splashing is definitely fun for children! In summer time they spend happy hours in pools with their friends. But before to let your children go in a pool, you should take care to verify that the safety measures are ok. It’s important to be safe in the water. If some water gets into the lungs, these can’t get in oxygen and the worst risk is that the lack of oxygen can damage the brain in a very seriously way.

Swimming pools are normally built in concrete and they can assure a safe and long lasting experience, so if you notice that there is a defect, it’s not the case to let your children use that pool.


Some tips

It’s important that an adult stays near the pool when children are splashing in. Using a buddy will also help a lot, and a flotation device for the less experienced would be also very good. And if you lost the car key in the pool, don’t worry because you can call the 24 hours service car key replacement and ask for help.

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