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How to Keep Your Pool Clean Through the Fall

If you found keeping your pool nice and clean during the busy summer months a challenge, then just wait until fall’s in full swing. Maintaining crystal clear pools in the fall can be difficult given the temperature changes, the increase in precipitation and the large amounts of debris that mother nature graces us with at this time of year. But we have 3 quick tips that will teach you how to care for a pool during the fall without putting in a ton of extra effort.


1. Keep It Balanced


Crystal clear pools rely solely on having a balanced water chemistry, something which many pool owners fail to keep up with during the cooler months. Though your pool may not be in heavy use at this time of year, a number of factors can still cause your water to become imbalanced. A large part of knowing how to care for a pool during the autumn involves checking your water chemistry at least once a week and after any storms or heavy rainfalls to prevent any algae and bacteria growth.


2. Trim or Replace Shedding Plants and Bushes


Those gorgeous blossoms and ornate plants that made your outdoor living space beautiful during the spring and summer are now going into hibernation mode and are dropping petals, pollen, branches and other debris all over your backyard. Before the debris gets ahead of you, you can get ahead of it by trimming back your shedding plants and bushes before the mounting debris gets out of hand. Better yet, research some alternatives and replace those shedding plants with non-shedding options to lighten your cleaning load.


3. Skim and Vacuum


The last thing pool owners want after having their pool closed all fall and winter is to take off the cover and discover their once crystal clear pools tragically turned cloudy or green because of organic material in the water. Even the best of pool covers, skimmers and filters won’t be able to trap every piece of debris, meaning pool owners still need to be diligently checking and dumping their skimmer baskets and vacuuming their pools during these cooler months.

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