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How to Open a Pool in San Antonio, TX

Opening a pool is an exciting time. While it takes a lot of work, it signifies that warm weather and summer are both on the way. If you are new to owning a pool or aren’t sure how to open a pool, it takes a few steps. Ensure you have supplies on hand, though, and it will go quickly.

Remove the Pool Cover

Most pools in San Antonio, TX use mesh covers, but some people still prefer solid ones that keep debris out. If you use a solid cover, you need to clear the water from the top with a cover pump. This keeps it from getting into your pool, which then becomes more difficult to clean. Those with mesh covers do not need to do this. Once the cover is off, clean it and place it in a storage bag in your shed, garage, or other safe area.

Add New Water

When you are opening a pool in spring, the water level should not be low. If it is, this signifies you have a leak somewhere. Address this issue before moving on, otherwise remove your winter plugs and skimmer guards to get your system ready to turn on. Add fresh water as needed so that it reaches at least halfway up the skimmer.

Reinstall Your Filter and Pump

When the pool is ready to turn on, you can place the filter, pump, and other pieces back. Grease your O-Rings up for optimal function and while doing this, inspect for any damage. If there is any, replace these before air gets into your pump. When everything is connected, start your pump and walk around to check for leaks or problems. Doing this when you are opening a pool make it less likely you will find problems later.

Clean and Circulate the Water

Mesh covers let debris into the pool, which can sit on the bottom when the water is not circulated. If you do not clean this, the chlorine will not work properly. Once the floor is clean, turn on your filtration system and begin vacuuming the water. Pools in San Antonio, TX need to have the walls scrubbed down as well. This removes any potential algae build-up as well as other bacteria.

Shock and Test

Those who use a solid cover want to shock their water. This means placing 1-2lbs of chlorine in for every 10,000 gallons of water. It kills any algae and other buildup residing in the pool. If you use a mesh cover, you shock a couple weeks before opening a pool. Skip this step and move directly to testing your water. You can purchase test strips at your local pool store or hardware store. These tell you if your pH or alkalinity is off. You can then add the appropriate chemicals to balance the water. This is also the best time to add your stabilizer.

The final step is to add any accessories you may have removed for winter. This includes safety items as well as your patio furniture, loungers, and other items. When this is done, your pool is ready for swimming. You now know how to open a pool and with proper maintenance every year this should be an easy process.

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