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Fall Patio Decor Ideas

Fall is one of the most popular times of the year due to the cooler weather, cozier clothes and warmer décor. Decorating for autumn is a fun experience because you get to create a beautiful space to enjoy for these precious few weeks. If you are looking to decorate your patio for fall, take a look at these suggestions to get some ideas on how you can take your décor to the next level.

Pumpkins: Harvest Scenes and Halloween

Pumpkins are a staple when it comes to fall décor. Not only are they bright and beautiful, they can be used in a number of ways all throughout the season. In the earlier days of fall, you can use pumpkins to create a “harvest scene” on your patio. Stack pumpkins with bales of hay, faux-stalks of corn, a friendly scarecrow and baskets of colorful flowers like mums. When you decorate your patio for fall with a harvest scene, it can last you through the months of October and November.

However, if you like to decorate for Halloween, you can use those pumpkins and turn them into something a little more sinister. Of course you can transform your pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, but this can cause your pumpkin to rot faster. If you’re looking for an alternative to this Halloween-classic, you can paint your pumpkins black or white and use them to spell out words like “boo”. Add these to your other pieces of spooky décor, and you have yourself a fun-filled patio ready for Halloween.

For a More Sophisticated Setting

If you’re wanting to decorate your patio for fall with something different than pumpkins, consider the other popular elements of the season: leaves, apples, pinecones and other foliage. You can use faux-leaves, pine cones and stems of berries to create wreaths and garland. Wrap this garland around railings or frames you might have on your patio. And wreaths aren’t just for doors anymore, as they can be hung from almost anything. Try hanging them from your pergola or even on the backs of chairs.

To add a new level of beauty and comfort to your patio for fall, you can add string lights or decorative lanterns to illuminate the space during the early evenings. If you have a table on your patio, you can place a basket or a cornucopia of apples, gourds and leaves. 

Skip the Orange

During this time of the year, orange can be an overwhelming color, especially if you have a lot of deciduous trees in your yard. You can decorate your patio for fall while avoiding the color orange but still keeping things festive.

For a classy, up-scale look, you can paint pumpkins white. If you are a bit of an artist, you can even paint monograms or fall images on these pumpkins in gold. Paired with these whited-out pumpkins, you can add bunches of white flowers in white baskets. The white on your patio will “pop” out against the fall-colored backdrop.

If you’re wanting to decorate for Halloween without using orange, you can incorporate black, purple and even lime green to the fall décor on your patio. Usually, silly witch and monster decorations come in these colors, and you can use them as a centerpiece to your décor. Paint pumpkins or pinecones to place in bunches around your Halloween decorations. And to top it all off, string up purple lights and fake spider web to give off a spooky yet light-hearted vibe.

Of course, in order to decorate your patio for fall, you will need a beautiful patio to do so. If you are interested in taking your backyard to the next level, please visit our website to view our Texas Pools and Patios photo galleries.


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