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Energy Efficient Backyard Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays a major role in the design, comfort, visual quality and atmosphere of your outdoor living space. In most cases, backyard lighting ideas are an expression of the homeowner or pool owner’s style. Backyard lighting works in harmony with other design components to highlight the different areas in the backyard, especially the swimming pool area. However, most backyard lighting generates high energy consumption. The addition of high energy consumption lighting can add up with other backyard consuming items like pool pumps.

To conserve energy in your backyard, lighting systems must be carefully designed. Here are some energy efficient backyard lighting ideas you can consider and save hundreds of dollars at the same time!

Use Lights Made for Outdoor or Backyard Living

Not all lights are created equal. This goes to show that the light you need inside your home will not be as efficient if used outside.

The ideal outdoor lights are high-pressure sodium and metal halide lights as they three times more efficient than the common outdoor lighting. If you want to add drama to your backyard and create natural colors, use metal halide. If you are not very particular with the colors, you can opt for high-pressure sodium lights. Between the two, high-pressured sodium light are more efficient and last longer.

Use Light Sensors or Controls

Using automatic light sensors or controls can save more than 80% of lighting costs. The most common type of lighting control is the motion sensor. However, if you are using high-pressure sodium light or metal halide, you need to use time clocks or photocells. These types of outdoor lights do not recognize motion sensors.

Through the use of photocells, lights will automatically turn on when it is dark outside. Photocells are cheaper and more efficient than time clocks. However, they only work best when controlling individual lights. For group lighting, time clocks are best.

Look for Energy Efficiency Labels

When buying outdoor lights, always look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Based on several studies, a typical home can bring more pollution than a car. Every time you turn on your television set or your lighting features, you consume energy. However, by using energy efficient products you consume less energy and it’s better on the environment. Lighting products that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label mean that the items have met the stringent standards for energy efficiency as set by the Department of Energy and EPA.

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