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The Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Texas Pool Builder

Over 10 million swimming pool owners in the US believed that despite the challenges and cost, it is worth getting your own backyard pool. Opting to build a swimming pool is considered to be one of your biggest investments, in fact, the largest next to buying a home. That said, it is critical to choose the right pool builder for you if you don’t want your money go to waste.

Choosing the right pool builder can be overwhelming, but we have gathered up tips and secrets to help you in your decision. In this video, you will learn the items you need to consider before choosing your pool builder.


Over the years, pool builders not only gain knowledge but learn to be better in their craft. Experience prepares them to be ready for whatever problems that may take place, so it’s important to look for builders that have extensive backgrounds. Having good background experiences, also allows the pool builders to learn exactly how to stay in the time-frame of a project- they have learned, first hand, exactly how long each item can take.


This is standard. Quality means complying with the best known practices and benchmark of remarkable swimming pool projects. Quality should never be compromised with quantity.


When choosing a pool builder, much is narrowed down to reputation. What do other homeowners say about them? You can do your homework by visiting business listings and review sites. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau for their ratings. Additionally, you can maximize the use of social media channels and see how their company name are being mentioned or discussed online.


Find out if they have already been recognized or awarded by having exemplary performance. These things will tell you about the good things your potential pool builder has done. Many times, their awards and experiences will do the talking.


Good work means you can vouch for it. This goes to all good pool builders who try to develop and maintain good reputation so they can acquire more clients. It also means getting the proper insurance certificates as required by law to be able to practice your profession.


It’s not enough that your pool builder has the skill in creating amazing pool designs. Equally noteworthy is the availability of manpower and the right tools to deliver the project. In this way, homeowners like you are guaranteed of smooth and effective implementation of the pool building process.

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About Texas Pools and Patios: We are a local family business that has been building pools, patios and decks in Texas since 1973. Over the years, our family’s accreditations include serving as President of the Austin Association of Remodeling Contractors and President of the National Spa and Pool Institute-Austin. We have completed over 10,000 pools, rooms, patios, deck and outdoor kitchens in our many years of service to our Austin and San Antonio communities. We have won regional, national and international awards for design and engineering technical achievement.

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