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What Does TruGunite Mean?

Austin & San Antonio Tru-Gunite Pool Builder



What Is True Gunite?

True Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement forced dry through a hose under tremendous pressure. Water is then added at the end of the hose at a controlled amount of 17% so the complete pool is of the exact consistency to eliminate the potential of cold joints and cracking. Texas Pools and Patios considers this method true gunite. There is no higher quality material for the shell of any pool.

What is Shotcrete and Wetcrete?

Shotcrete and Wetcrete is concrete in which the cement and sand is mixed with water at a local batching plant and then applied via hose at the job site. Once the water is applied. the concrete starts setting up and drying immediately. Water must be added several times between mixing and application in order to keep it from hardening. Shotcrete or Wetcrete will consist or more than 33% water. The more water added to Shotcrete/Wetcrete, the weaker and more brittle it becomes. Some San Antonio and Austin pool builders refer to this as gunite. We do not!


  • Our true gunite pool shells have a comprehensive strength that can exceed over 5000 PSI as compared to 2000 to 3000 PSI of normal Shotcrete or Wetcrete, and 0% compressive strength on fiberglass pools.
  • Shotcrete and Wetcrete is not flexible; therefore, brittle. True gunite can be placed without excess water and will possess a greater density than Shotcrete or Wetcrete.
  • The pool has significantly less shrinkage. The lower water requirement results in gunite with minimal shrinkage characteristics and therefore, has less potential for cracking.
  • The pool has greater resistance to chemical attack: strong chemicals will attack the sand and cement in both gunite and other concrete. However, due to the higher strength and density of true gunite, Texas Pools and Patios’ pools have a greater resistance to alkali and acid attack.
  • The pool is exceptionally watertight. Gunite is more impermeable than other concrete and will therefore offer a completely watertight pool.
We will not cut corners when it comes to building a pool. True gunite is just one of our quality features that make our construction superior.


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