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It’s important to us that homeowners are confident and at ease during the construction of their swimming pools- it should be an exciting experience, not a scary one! That’s why we go out of our way to involve you in the process from design to finish, reviewing the build plan with you up front and keeping you informed at every phase along the way. Every pool build is a bit different because every design and site has it’s own unique demands, but there is a general process that you can expect.

Design and Preparation

Once you contact our office staff, we’ll arrange for a design consultation at your home, during which we perform a complete analysis of your site and discuss your vision and expectations for your new swimming pool. Our designer will talk with you about everything from shape and size to style and planned use. He’ll show you examples of other pools we’ve created and make note of features and design elements that you prefer. Using this information as his guide, he willcreate your pooldesign and present it to you in a 3D rendering. This real-to-life rendering allows you to “try on” certain elements and finishes to make sure they are exactly what you want. Any adjustments are made to the design and adetailed plan and contract are drawn up and agreed on. We’ll then get busy calling for inspections where needed, helping you acquire any necessary permits, and ensuring complete compliance with building codes. Before breaking ground, we’ll have a pre-construction meeting with you, the designer andthe superintendent. The build plan is once again reviewed and any concerns or special requests you may have are addressed. We’ll then stake the outline of your pool for you to approve.


Pool excavation in expansion soil will be over-dug 12″ and back filled with gravel to help stabilize the foundation of the pool and prevent shifting in the soil.

Steel Reinforcement

We exceed industry standards by constructing the steel reinforcement with ½”/#4 rebar and 80% tie in galvanized wires (compared to 30%). With this 4 bar bond beam creates the strongest pool structure in the industry.

Pool Plumbing

Pool plumbing is laid with individual lines to skimmers and main drains to create maximum flow. Adjustable inlets and control valves ensure efficient water filtration.

Spa Plumbing

By looping the spa lines and using over-sized piping (2″ and above) with a state of the art pump, we ensure equal and consistent jet pressure. All spas are designed with double suction lines for maximum safety.


Texas Pools and Patios is a true Gunite builder, applying dried Gunite to the walls and floor at an 8″ thickness to make your pool 33% stronger than the industry standard.

Bond Beam

We construct a 12″ continuous bond beam over the pool wall, using ½”/4 rebar around the entire pool rim, making the structure up to 33% stronger.


After securing a sturdy equipment pad, all state-of-the-art Hayward pool equipment is put in place and tied in to the pool plumbing. We then install the control panel, when needed, and connect all lights, heaters, pumps, switches, control systems and any special features to the circuit breakers. All electrical work is carried out by a fully qualified and licensed electrical contractor.

Concrete Decking

At this time you’ll meet with the superintendent for a pre-pour meeting to ensure that the decking is laid out to your specifications. Decking is then constructed using #3 rebar and poured.


After the Gunite has cured, your masonry work will begin. Your chosen stone or tile will be laid on the upper rim of your pool and the interior pool surface that you’ve chosen will be applied. Your pool will then be filled according to the requirements of your chosen surface.

Pool Start Up and School

When your pool is ready, we’ll start up your system and balance the water chemistry for you. We’ll then show you how to operate your pool system and walk you through the day to day maintenance and care. At this time you may want to discuss your pool service options with your technician. Consistent cleaning and care will prolong the life of your pool. If you do not wish to do this yourself, we offer a range of pool cleaning and maintenance plans to choose from.

Have Fun!

Your pool is now swim-ready. Jump in and enjoy, and remember that our commitment to service doesn’t end here. We’re only a phone call away if you need us.


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