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A new pool for everyone

Having a swimming pool just in the backyard is probably one of the most common dreams. Think about using all that empty space to dig a pool and think about a very hot summer day. Wouldn’t you run to refresh in your pool? Surely, you would! Today we want to inspire you with our tips on how to build your own swimming pool.


Design and shape

First off, decide what shape your swimming pool should have. If you visit a specialized website or read magazine for swimming pools, you will see that there are so many kinds. Try to understand what shape and design will match best with your yard. Think about how much space you are likely to dedicate to your project of the pool.

Consider also that a big pool will need more water and this turns out to be a cost. Pools themselves are expensive.   


Time and work

Building a swimming pool will require some time, so plan the whole work a couple of months before the summer. The base of the pool has to be in vinyl liner. To prepare this basis at least 2 weeks full time work will be necessary.

The work of digging the hole is probably one of the hardest, not only because it requires a lot of time and energy but also because you have to care special attention to the dimensions of the hole. The vinyl liner has to insert in perfectly.

After digging the hole you have to install the wall support: from now on you should call a professional unless you are expert in pools.

Once, the works are done you can start to swim! But be careful because in case of illness or diseases you will need to call a doctor: for more info click here and find out the nearest doctors.

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