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3 Easy Steps to Maintain Austin Pools

If you’re like many Austin pool owners, you vowed to maintain your swimming pool and make it a routine no matter what just so you can get the approval of having a pool at home. Then reality set in and you realized that maintaining a swimming pool may be a bit more work than you first anticipated. Fret not. You can rise above these challenges with our 3 easy steps.

1. Monitor Chlorine and pH Levels

Maintaining Austin swimming pools can be a bit challenging compared to other pools in other cities or state. Austin has very hot weather during summer and may have a dry, sunny climate for an extended period. This goes to show why almost every home in Austin has a built-in swimming pool.

Sounds fun, right? Not really. Hot weather can cause more problems for swimming pools. Green pool water is common in Austin pools that are not properly maintained. The number one cause for discoloration in pools is imbalance in both chlorine and pH levels. Chlorine’s main duty is to kill bacteria in the water. Balancing pool water’s pH level, on the other hand, is also critical. If the pH balance of the water is not right, the pool can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Based on research, algae cultivate more in dry, hot temperatures. Algae is one of the main causes of green pool water. To avoid algae build up, there should be proper balance of chlorine and pH level.

2. Check Your Filtration System

Maintaining proper chemical treatment in your Austin pool is not enough to keep a healthy swimming pool all year round. It is also critical to keep your filtering system in top condition. Perform a physical check-up on the hose, pump, and other parts of your filtration system on a regular basis.

3. Regularly Maintain Your Pool

To maintain your pool’s clear and sparkling condition, you must regularly clean it. This would mean vacuuming your pool and scrubbing the tiles and wall of your pool at least once a week, removing algae and other elements that may have formed. Vacuum the bottom of your pool to remove waste and other unwanted materials.

To learn more about Austin pool maintenance, call the experts. Contact Texas Pools & Patios today!

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