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8 Surprising Benefits of In-Ground Spa Ownership

In-ground spas are great, everyone know that. The hot, soothing water and relaxing jets are great for chasing away stress and the aches of daily life, but regular in-ground spa use can do a lot more than just relax you after a hard day. Check out these surprising benefits of in-ground spa ownership!

The Benefits of Using In-Ground Spas

  1. Healthier sleep patterns – Soaking in an in-ground spa raises your body temperature; when you step out of the warmth, your body temperature quickly drops back to normal. This rapid change induces a feeling of sleepiness which can make falling asleep and staying asleep easier for those plagued with insomnia.
  2. Deep clean – The heat and moisture of an in-ground spa will open your pores. This can help clear away impurities in your skin and even some impurities in your system. An in-ground spa soak can burn off excess alcohol if you indulged a bit too much the night before. Be careful not to drink while in an in-ground spa, as it can actually intensify your body’s reaction to the alcohol.
  3. Improve circulation – Heat opens blood vessels, which can improve circulation and even lower blood pressure.
  4. Sooth headaches – Many times headaches are caused by muscle tension and stress. A well placed water jet and ten to fifteen minutes of heat can often relieve the most painful tension headache. Another common cause of headaches is a narrowing of blood vessels in the head. As mentioned earlier in this article, an in-ground spa soak can expand those vessels and relieve your headache.
  5. Congestion clearing – Heat and moisture can loosen chest congestion and make it easier to cough up and clear away. The artificial elevation of body temperature can also mimic the effects of a fever and do away with some viruses before they get a chance to take hold.
  6. Exercise – Spending time in an in-ground spa raises the heart rate while opening blood vessels; this is similar to the effects of mild exercise. Twenty minutes in an in-ground spa, three times a week can have an effect similar to the same amount of light aerobic exercise without any stress to muscles or joints. This is a perfect solution for those that cannot do weight bearing exercises.
  7. Type 2 diabetes – Studies have shown regular in-ground spa use to lower blood sugar, aid weight loss and generally improve health for those with type 2 diabetes.
  8. Inflammation – An in-ground spa can aid in the healing of pulled muscles, damaged tendons or ligaments and inflamed joints by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.

Health and Safety Concerns

Please check with your health care provider before beginning the regular use of an in-ground spa. Once you have your doctor’s approval, there are some other important rules to remember. Limit soaks to 15-20 minutes each time. Keep a cold drink with you, preferably water. The natural tendency to sweat while in an in-ground spa could cause you to become dehydrated. In-ground spas are not safe for pregnant women and should be avoided until after the baby is born.

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