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7 “Must-Have” Fire Pit Accessories

There is no better way to extend your spring and fall entertaining season by having a warm, dazzling fire pit in the backyard. With these seven must-have fire pit accessories, you will be able to transform your fire pit not only into a focal point, but a fun and functional part of your yard, as well.
  1. Fireside Seating

Whether you regularly entertain or enjoy sitting by the fire on a quiet night, having plush, comfortable seating always near the fire pit will not only keep you cozy, but it will beckon yourself and others out into the great outdoors even on the chilliest of nights.
  1. Fire Pit Grill

If you do not already have a grill or an outdoor kitchen, you can transform your fire pit into a place where you can cook up steaks and burgers. These temporary grills come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some featuring a tripod design so you can use the grill anytime and anywhere.
  1. Roasting Tools

Rather than venture off in search of a stick or dismantling a coat hanger, have roasting tools on hand to cook up some of your favorite fireside foods like hot dogs and marshmallows. Professional roasting tools feature extendible handles which will help prevent accidents and burns.
  1. Popcorn Popper

Interested in a healthier snack by the fire? Consider investing in a popcorn popper. These poppers feature a long handle that keeps handlers away from the flame.  All you’ll is a small amount of oil and some popcorn kernels.
  1. Fire Glass

If you want to transform your fire pit into a unique and dazzling display, consider adding some fire glass. Fire glass comes in a variety of colors from red and purple to cool blues, and you have your options when it comes to the type of glass you would like, including accent, reflective and smooth. You can find fire glass in a variety of sizes, from ¼ inch to 2 inches.
  1. Safety Screen

A safety screen is particularly important if children and animals will be around the fire. These screens will protect you and other guests from the open flames. If you have a wood-fueled fire pit, it will also protect you and your property from sparks.
  1. Fire Pit Cover

Fire pit covers are necessary if you want to protect your fire pit from the elements and extend its longevity. While most fire pits do come with basic covers, you can add a bit more backyard pizazz by choosing an attractive aluminum, galvanized steel or copper cover.
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