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6 Benefits of Swimming

We now live in a health conscious world and we learn more and more about how to maintain our health daily. Swimming has many benefits to keeping us heath and active. Listed below are a few: 

1. Improves Heart Health– Since swimming is an aerobic exercise it can help your heart to pump more efficiently

2. Good Exercise for Asthma Sufferers– The moist client helps reduce the chance of exercise induced asthma attacks.

3. Reduces Stress– With swimming the constant stretching and relaxing of muscles  and rhythmic breathing release endorphins which help reduce stress and make you happy.  

4. Easy on Your Joints and Bones– Because the water bears the majority of body weight when submerged, swimming is a good way to exercise if you have bone or joint issues.

5. Good for All Ages– This one is self explanatory, whether teaching your little ones how to swim or staying healthy as you get older swimming is a good choice of exercise. 

6. Cools You Off – It may be December and in the 40s now but come July and August swimming is the perfect exercise to avoid the heat with. 

If you’re ready to get healthy in your own backyard check out our video below and contact us today! 


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