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5 Pool Safety Tips Every Family Should Know

A swimming pool is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  While you are having fun, always remember to respect the water that you are swimming in.  That is why you should put pool safety first in your mind and follow these 5 things to keep your family and friends safe!

Never Leave Children Unattended

While adults are able to respect that water can be fun and dangerous at the same time, children see a swimming pool as a playground.  Many children, particularly very small ones, don’t understand that they can be seriously injured.  That is why any time children are at the pool, especially little ones, they should be accompanied by an adult.  Never leave children in the pool on their own.

Make Sure Everyone Can Swim

Even if you have a pool that is only deep enough to stand in, everyone that is in the home should know how to swim.  While it is just smart for any sized pool, it can be a lifesaver in an in ground pool with a deep end.  Enroll anyone that lives in the home, particularly children, in swimming classes if they don’t know how to swim.  They have the perfect spot in their back yard to practice all that they are learning!

Keep Your Pool Area Safe

The area around your pool should be fenced in with a self-locking gate.  This will ensure that people and animals can’t accidentally fall into the pool.  Typically, a 4-foot or higher fence is good protection.  Anything lower may be too short to get over. When your pool is not in use, make sure to cover it if you can or remove any ladders or stairs that can give access to the pool.  You can also invest in a pool alarm that will alert you any time someone enters the pool.

Treat Your Water

The water that you are swimming in should be crystal clear.  Making sure you keep up with your chemical treatments, and water testing will help you keep the pool clean.  Cloudy or colored water is not only unpleasant to swim in, but could make people sick.   Remember you can also over treat the water.  Make sure that you are following the recommended chemical amounts, and if you are still having issues, contact a professional at Texas Pools and Patios to help you out.

Establish Rules and Stick to Them

Public pools have rules, like no running and no diving, for a reason.  Establish the same rules for your pool and enforce them regularly.  Encourage anyone swimming in the pool to practice safe swimming habits (swim with a buddy, keep clear of drains).  Swimming is a privilege; if swimmers refuse to follow the rules, take away their privilege.

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