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5 Must-Have Pool Fitness Products

One of the greatest things about having a custom swimming pool is that you always have a space to workout in. Aqua fitness can be beneficial to those who are looking for a fun, low-impact workout. With these must-have pool fitness products, you can tone muscles and burn calories, all while cooling off in the warm Texas weather.

1. Kickboard

If you want to concentrate on building your lower-body strength, a kickboard is an excellent tool to add to your collection of pool fitness products. When on your kickboard, simply push yourself through the water without using your arms. Your lower-half will have to do all the work, thus building leg muscle. Because kickboards are commonly used to teach children how to swim, make sure that you get a board that has the size and shape to support you.

2. Noodle

This piece of equipment can be inexpensive and used in a variety of swimming exercises, such as toning your abs. Simply wrap the noodle around your back and tuck it under your armpits. Once you are supported, tuck your knees in and extend them back out. Do this for a number of reps, and you will begin to feel the burn. You can also perform squats with your noodle to work out your legs and glutes, and you can use two noodles to exercise your upper body muscles.

3. Buoys

Essentially, buoys are dumbbells for the water. You can use them to build upper body strength, just as you would with regular free weights. For example, you can perform bicep curls, triceps kickbacks and lateral and deltoid raises, just to name a few. As you get stronger, you can buy buoys that are bigger or heavier so you can increase your resistance.

4. Ankle Weights

To add resistance to your lower body swimming exercises, consider investing in water ankle weights. These weights will make it harder for you to move your legs, which can help you build muscle and burn more calories. High stepping, walking or even slow jogging at different depths of the pool can be performed while using water ankle weights. Such exercises can also help build cardio vascular endurance.

5. Shoes and Belts

More so for protection and convenience than exercise, water shoes and water jogging belts can assist you in your pool fitness. The shoes can protect your feet against your pool’s floor and prevent you from slipping. Easy to take on and off, these shoes are good for those who exercise in their pool often, as they are durable and can last a long time. Jogging belts will help you stay vertical in the water, especially if you are jogging in the deeper end of the pool. This exercise will increase your heart rate and workout the entire body.

Do you want to exercise in your own custom swimming pool? If so, please visit our website at Texas Pools and Patios to view our photo gallery and learn more information about our pool building services.

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