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3 Tips for Landscaping on Austin’s Hilly Terrain

If you are wanting to remodel your backyard in the near future, the hilly terrain of your Austin, Texas property might have you stumped. Slopes and hills do pose many challenges for homeowners, but properly designing your outdoor areas can provide you with a beautiful backyard to enjoy for years.
        If you would like to install a pool, spa or patio, major changes and special care might have to be made to ensure that the feature has been safely installed on your property—but, it can be done. In the year around Texas heat, a swimming pool is a hot commodity. Here are a few tips that you can use to help out when redesigning your hilly backyard this year.
        1. Build Retaining Walls

        There are a lot of places in the country that having seemingly unmanageable hills in the backyard. Homeowners wonder if they will ever be able to have the space of their dreams due to the slopes. There is one solution that is transforming wild hills into beautiful outdoor areas that can be used safely. Sectioning your yard and building retaining walls might be a fix that works for your own home.
              When this is done, landscaping professionals section your space into pieces, flatten those areas and then reinforce them with retaining walls. This is perfect for backyards that include a swimming pool or outdoor spa, and offers an abundance of opportunity for creative inspiration. For instance, how would waterfalls, cascading stairs or beautiful grass flats look in your backyard?
              1. Use Native Plants

              Nature knows Austin, Texas better than anyone else. It is no coincidence that certain plants grow in this area more than others. These plants are great for hilly backyards that might experience some erosion. Erosion is the breakdown of soil due to natural elements. In other words, your backyard might literally break away from your property if erosion occurs. Ask your landscaping professional and do your own research on native plants whose root systems positively reinforce soil. These will be both beautiful and serve a major purpose.
              1. Use Builders Who Know the Area

              The best advice that one can give to another to help them to remodel their hilly backyard is to bring in the professionals and allow them to work their magic. Texas Pools and Patios is an APSP certified building company who is passionate about providing clients with their perfect outdoor space that they can enjoy for years and years without having to stress over erosion.
                    Texas Pools and Patios is proud to be an Austin Fast Track Builder. This means that this company is capable of getting permits pushed through and completing your construction and remodel quicker than competitors. The owners are very experienced—three brothers who are second-generation landscapers and pool builders who understand that knowledge is important when navigating Austin’s hilly terrain.

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