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3 Lightning Safety Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

It’s summer! Many people are out having fun in the swimming pool to beat the summer heat. While this could be your favorite season of the year, summer could also be the most dangerous season due to lightning related injuries and death. Hence, it is important to always remember and practice these 3 lightning safety tips when in or around the pool.

According to The National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI), a blue sky is not always an indicator of good weather. Lightning is said to be very unpredictable and can always strike at random. That is why being prepared and practicing safety at all times is the best defense.

1. Flash-to-Bang Rule

As the old rule goes, “when thunder roars, go indoors”. The Flash-to-Bang Rule states that when you see the flash, immediately count to the bang. Since lightning precedes thunder, it is important to learn how to calculate the distance of lightning from where you are. It takes five seconds for sound waves to travel per mile. So, if you see the flash and count to 15 before hearing the bang, lightning is just three miles away.

But do not be complacent upon calculating the distance of the lightning. It is always good to seek shelter immediately upon hearing thunder or seeing lightning. Leave the pool area at once and seek cover.

2. Suspend Water Activities

Do not be complacent upon calculating the distance of the lightning. As soon as you see lightning or hear thunder, clear the pool area. Do not allow anybody to go back in the pool for at least 30 minutes after the last thunder was heard. It is best to wait until the sky has completely cleared.

3. Be Aware

Awareness is the key to safety and security. Always be alert, even when you are having fun in the pool. Practicing pool water safety at all times ensures your best chance of preventing death and injuries. Before planning a pool party, check out the local weather forecast. If chances for thunderstorms exist, just reschedule! You are always better safe than sorry.

Between 1959 and 2003, there were 3,696 lightning-related deaths recorded in the United States alone. On the average, 51 people are killed by lightning each year (1984-2013). While this is a very real threat, following these basic water safety tips makes it largely preventable.

For more pool water safety tips, visit our blog and read our pool safety articles.

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