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10 Patio and Pool Accessories for Your San Antonio Backyard

Wondering what patio and pool accessories you should be adding to your outdoor living space to make it more safe and comfortable?  Below are our top 10 recommendations for patio and pool accessories that can compliment a variety of patio and pool ideas, starting with:


1. Patio Heater

Winter doesn’t have to mean shutting down the patio until spring.  Create a warm and inviting space by adding a patio heater or two to your outdoor living area.

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2. Firebowls

Perfect on the patio or around the pool, firebowls are an exciting and affordable way to create an enticing outdoor living space at any time of the year.

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3. Comfortable Seating

Hard plastic patio chairs are hardly welcoming to friends, family and even yourself.  Invest in some nice overstuffed pillows and throws and place them on your existing chairs and loungers, or invest in some high quality outdoor furniture.

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4. Automatic Pool Cleaner

Yes, pool owners can make their maintenance duties just a little bit easier on themselves if they invest in an automatic pool cleaner or vacuum!

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5. Sound System

An outdoor sound system is always a great way to get the party started outdoors.  For those who may be on a bit of a tighter budget, waterproof speakers that can link up to you MP3 player via Bluetooth technology are an economical option.

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6. Outdoor Kitchen

One surefire way to bring the party outdoors: an outdoor kitchen.  The kitchen can be as complex or simple as you like, ranging from a basic barbecue with one extra burner to a full blown kitchen that boasts a pizza oven, a swim up bar, and tons of outdoor counter space.

(source: Texas Pools and Patios)


7. Pool Slides

Nothing is more tempting to kids and adults than a waterslide.  Couple the slide with some clever water features and you can guarantee your guests a thrilling ride!

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8. Lighting

From inexpensive twinkling string lights to colored in ground pool LEDs, lighting adds excitement to your outdoor living space while also keeping visitors safe both on the patio and in the pool.

(source: Texas Pools and Patios) 



9. Storage

Though perhaps the least exciting item on our list of pool accessories, it certainly is one of the most functional.  To save yourself from running in and out of the house to grab plates, blankets and towels, come up with creative storage solutions such as coffee tables with slide out draws and storage seats.

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10. Pool Cover

This is more of a helpful accessory; in central Texas it isn’t necessarily needed for the winter but it does have some added benefits if the following are important to you as a home owner.

  • Safety – If you have little ones around a hard top pool cover can prevent accidents from happening when you are looking away or the little ones wander. 
  • Reduced pool maintenance – If you have a lot of trees around your pool a cover can help you keep debris out. This is especially helpful when the leaves and pollen start to fall. 
  • Increase in energy savings – Covering your pool can help keep pool water from evaporating and keep your energy bill down.

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